"Text Neck" is Real!

"Text Neck is Real"

The link above is a great post that was shared by a colleague of mine at Gaudet Rehabilitation and Sport Performance. Some food for thought...

"Happy Thanksgiving to all. Leave the technology aside and spend time with your loved ones. "Text neck" is real. More and more kids aged 12-15 are coming through the clinic with postural changes on par with a 70 year old who has worked their entire life. Yesterday, an assessment and xrays showed moderate to advanced arthritis at the cervical/thoracic spines for one of my clients, age...17. Health care professionals can help, but unless behaviour change takes place, those restrictions will set back in whether it's manipulated/mobilized/or exercised. Bring back the days of playing outside. The cuts/scrapes on the legs and arms are far less restricting long term."