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NOVEMBER 2, 2016



Don’t ignore everyone completely when they talk to you about back pain. Just make sure you keep a few things in mind when getting that well-meaning advice.

First, let’s set up the scenario…you may have gone through a similar situation. You start to have back pain or maybe you’ve been dealing with it for a while. When asked why you’re looking a bit bent over today, you mention to a friend that your back has been getting pretty bad lately and it’s starting to affect your everyday life. 

Suddenly, you see them light up. They look like a kid in class with their hand shot straight up in the air and a giant grin on their face because they know all the answers. 

The reply usually goes something like this: “I’ve had that before! I know just what you should do!”  

This is where you insert advice ‘X’…

Now, X can be anything from stretching and strengthening to getting painkillers and surgery….I’ve heard it all. Not that there isn’t a time and a place for these options (and many more), the issue here is that the advice is based on THEIR experience. And despite what they may think, back pain comes in many shapes and forms. 

Just for a few quick examples of different structures that can be affected…you can have strained muscles of the low back, herniated discs, degenerated discs, nerve pinching or irritation…or even combinations of these conditions. Within these broad structure categories are several sub-categories and variations. 

Now I’m honestly not writing this to scare you away. The point is that your back pain is not necessarily the same as your friend or family member’s back pain.

To fully understand and properly treat your very individual circumstances, you need to be assessed by a licensed physiotherapist. A diagnosis of your condition will be given, along with a customized treatment plan and schedule.

The point is…while that friendly advice is well-meaning, you might want to talk to your local physiotherapist first.

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