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Does Massage Therapy Complement Physiotherapy?

October is Massage Therapy Month and we wanted to kick it off by discussing how massage therapy and physiotherapy can work together to provide you with better outcomes. 

We are asked quite often here at the clinic if physiotherapy and massage therapy are compatible. Does massage therapy really complement physiotherapy? The answer in most cases is yes!, Massage Therapy compliments Physiotherapy very well. 

With most injuries we see, there is a soft tissue component that needs to be addressed (this can be muscle, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, etc.). This can be something as simple as muscle tightness or an injury to the tissue itself. Wiith soft tissue, much of the time as physiotherapists we do not have the time to fully get into the soft tissue work they way our massage therapist does. In our practice, a physiotherapist’s focus is mainly on education and exercise. When we have the time to work through some muscle tension, it would likely be a fraction of your treatment (in most cases leaving you wishing you could just have a full session of soft tissue work or massage). This is where a team approach between a massage therapist and physiotherapist becomes quite beneficial. As a team, we are able to better approach the injury from both sides, reducing tension and building strength and improving mobility.

So, if you are wondering if massage therapy could be beneficial to your treatment, in conjunction with physiotherapy, chances are it could be. And the same goes for physiotherapy. Often, if you are regularly attending massage therapy for reasons other than relaxation, it can be helpful to be assessed by a physiotherapist as well. A physiotherapist can help to add a different treatment approach and give a different perspective for long-lasting pain relief and increased strength and mobility. 

Ultimately, our goal as physiotherapists and registered massage therapists is to find the best collaborative approach to help you reach your full potential and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Ask your physiotherapist or other healthcare professional if massage therapy should be part of your treatment.

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