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We all know that after a day of doing housework we can feel pretty tired, so if you are experiencing pain it can make housework a real chore (pardon the pun)

Here are some simple tips to help make housework a little easier!

Split Them Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day and housework doesn’t have to be done in one either. If pain, stiffness or fatigue are an issue, just spread the workload out over a few days. Two suggestions that come to mind are to have different rooms to clean thoroughly on different days OR different tasks for different days. Maybe there’s a vacuuming and dusting day and a scrubbing day. 

Dance Up A Storm

When you are vacuuming or sweeping, try “dancing” with the vacuum or broom instead of bending forward to reach or twisting to sweep every time. This can reduce fatigue and is especially helpful when dealing with low back pain.

Take Breaks

It seems like simple advice, but it is often overlooked by many of our patients. It can be hard to stop once you’re on a roll and getting housework done. It’s tempting to say “just a little bit more” or “I’ll just finish this one thing”. Soon the house is spick and span, but you can be left aching for days afterwards. Try to build in rest breaks by task or time so you’re left with some energy at the end of the day.

Stretch before You Start

Stretching is very important yet often overlooked in everyday life. It may seem like stretching is just for athletes or yogis, but a regular stretching routine can improve flexibility and mobility, reducing the amount of effort needed to accomplish ordinary tasks (like housework).

Lift Less Weight

Many tasks around the house can be heavier than you first think. Laundry is a common example. If you minimize the amount of weight you’re lifting by making smaller loads of laundry (especially if you have to carry them far), it can reduce the amount of strain on your back. See #6 if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I don’t want to have to make MORE trips!”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you are having difficulty carrying a laundry basket downstairs (or you hate the thought of making extra trips) try tying your dirty laundry up in a bed sheet and push it or drag it down the stairs. Pro Tip: Don’t use your good sheets or you’ll have extra wear and tear from dragging them around on the floor.

Sit Down When You Can

It can seem strange at first, but there are many tasks that can still be accomplished when you’re seated. Have a stool or a chair nearby so you can sit while doing dishes or folding laundry. Even short periods of sitting can give your body a much-needed rest and change in position.

Ask For Help

Many of us are used to doing our household chores on our own and the thought of asking for help can be stressful, annoying, or even embarrassing. The truth is, if you are in pain or when you are unsure or uncomfortable doing something, often friends or family members are happy to step up and help out. 

Turn On Some Tunes

While everyone’s personal preferences may vary, generally speaking, listening to music that you like can lift your mood and make mundane tasks more enjoyable. It certainly won’t hurt!

Put Your Feet (Or Foot) Up

If your back is bothering you while you’re standing still for a long time (think doing dishes or chopping vegetables), try opening the cupboard below and placing one foot up on the ledge. This helps to shift the pressure in your hips and back so the same areas of the joints aren’t loaded the entire time. This is similar to how we naturally shift our weight from side to side if we’re standing in one spot for a while.

Housework can be more manageable if you follow these steps. Remember to take your time, break the chores up into manageable tasks, and make it fun when you can!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need some help getting back to household activities without pain. 

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