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What Is Physiotherapy - And How To Start Physiotherapy In Fredericton

You’re suffering with aches that won’t go away, struggling with stiff joints and don’t want to rely on painkillers to get through the days. You’ve heard of physiotherapy, but you aren’t quite sure what it is, and whether it’s right for you.

So, what is physiotherapy – and can physiotherapy help you?

In this article, you will discover what physiotherapy is, the benefits of physiotherapy, who physiotherapy can help, whether physiotherapy is covered without a referral, and how to start physiotherapy in Fredericton.


Physiotherapy helps people struggling with injuries, illnesses or disability by manual therapy, exercises, stretching, and tailored advice.

As well as reducing pain caused by injuries or condition such as arthritis, we help people improve their strength and mobility so they can remain active and get back to doing the things that they love to do.

Physiotherapy is provided by specially trained and regulated practitioners called physiotherapists, and our team have a vast range of experience to ensure that you get results for people who’ve struggled for years with issues, and feel like they’ve tried everything but nothing has worked.

We have more details about physiotherapy in our “Everything You Need To Know About Physio” FAQ document, which you can get by calling and requesting it here: 506-472-1565.


The benefits of physiotherapy are many, and the specific benefits largely depend on your goal.

From a clinical perspective, we treat bones, joints, and soft tissue problems – such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and sports injuries, and can also treat patients suffering from brain or nervous system problems – such as movement problems resulting from a stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease.

However, we understand that your aches and pains have a much greater impact on your life than simply the physical symptoms. Lower back pain can make it impossible to get a good night’s sleep leaving you irritable and exhausted. A knee injury can mean that you can’t go cycling with your grandchildren and you end up missing out on quality time with your family. Shoulder and neck pain can leave you battling frequent headaches after a day at the office distracting you from your work.


To start physiotherapy in Fredericton within our clinic (at Unit 3 – 580 Two Nations Crossing, Fredericton, NB E3A 0X9) you don’t need a referral.

As you don’t need a referral for physiotherapy with us, this means that you can start your recovery, and journey to a pain-free, active life as soon as possible without a delay.


Physiotherapy is something that can help a lot of people, but we typically work and deliver fast pain relief and long-term improvements in health, mobility, and injury prevention with these groups of people:

1. People aged 35+ that love to be active – Why? Because people and couples “on-the-go” have lots of good reasons to get better fast.

2. People still working (that want to remain that way…) Especially salespeople, managers, civil servants, engineers, office workers, teachers, manual workers, nurses, health care workers, lawyers, even doctors…Why? Because they need to move easily and be able to sit comfortably for long periods in order to perform well in their jobs.

3. People aged 55+ and determined to remain independent – Why? Because many people see the impact that physical ill health has taken on their parents.

4. Especially active and involved Grandparents – Why? Grandparents who play games with their grandkids, help with schoolwork or like to walk with them, take them places, or babysit them, often tell us that’s why they felt the need to come and try physio.

5. People who take their health very seriously – Why? A lot of the people who visit us are very “proactive” about their health. That means they read up on foods, vitamins, health topics, try to eat right, take vitamins and other supplements such as cod liver oil – and do their best to stay out of the doctor’s office, and away from surgery and the hospital. The very same motivations to stay out of the doctor’s office are the reasons “why” they come to see a physiotherapist.


Sometimes, even after learning about what physiotherapy is, and that we can help you, you might still have questions before making a final decision. We completely understand that, and we would love to answer your questions, so you can feel confident in making a decision as to whether physiotherapy is right for you. And likewise, we can make sure that you are a good fit for our clinic and specific services.

The next best course of action is to speak to our Patient Coordinators. Just call us using this number 506-472-1565 or even email your question to us using this email address: info@dynamichealthphysio.ca

You can also book one of our Free Discovery Visits by calling or filling out a quick form on our website – Arrange Your Free Discovery Visit

The discovery visit is an opportunity to meet with one of our physiotherapists in person and ask any questions you might still have about your particular injury or concern and learn more about how physiotherapy works. It also gives us the chance to confirm, in person, that you are a good fit for our services.

Similarly, you can book a Free Phone Consultation by calling or completing a simple form on our website – Arrange A Free Telephone Consultation

This option is often used by people that are traveling from further away, but they’d still appreciate the opportunity to speak to a physiotherapist so they can make an informed decision and move forward.

And for those who are still unsure and decide not to move forward – we sometimes get this question:


Our question back to you would be, “What has it done so far?”

Often the difficulty in moving forward is that you don’t want to make the wrong decision. But putting it off, hoping it will get better, or not taking the chance to ask your questions RISK-FREE, will mean your current predicament will continue, and you’ll run the risk of not seeing any improvement if it isn’t addressed.

The final question you should ask yourself if you’re still undecided is What do you have to lose?

Contact us today to see if physiotherapy is right for you.

Call us at 472-1565

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