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Why Pain Relief is Just the Beginning: How Physiotherapy Goes Beyond Getting You Out of Pain

What do you think the main goal of physiotherapy should be? For most of us, the simplest answer is “To get rid of the pain.” or maybe some closely related version of that statement. It could be argued though, that if that was the main goal, we’d just treat the symptoms of pain with painkillers, hot packs, and TENS machines.  

The truth is, whether we recognize it or not, that we are often searching for something more. We want to be able to do the activities that have been taken away from us because of the pain, stiffness, or loss of mobility. We want to fix the root cause of the pain so that we can get back to doing the things we love – wouldn’t you agree? 

That’s the fundamental belief that drives our approach to physiotherapy care here in Fredericton.

At Dynamic Health Physiotherapy, we believe that physiotherapy care needs to go beyond the conventional goal of pain relief. Our approach is to create a treatment plan that addresses the pain but also continues to restore strength and function to the highest possible level to meet your goals. Our clinic provides a comprehensive and individualized approach to help you reach your full potential. In this blog post, we will expand on this treatment philosophy, exploring how reducing pain AND restoring function is central to our practice. Join us as we walk you through the transformative power of physiotherapy beyond pain relief.



At Dynamic Health Physiotherapy, we know that each person’s situation is unique, with their own set of goals, challenges, and aspirations. Before we design a treatment plan, we take the time to understand your specific needs and concerns. By conducting a thorough assessment and engaging in open dialogue, we gain valuable insights – not only into your condition, but also your most important goals, allowing us to create a personalized approach to your care while also helping you stay motivated along the way with targets that are aligned with your specific goals. 


While addressing pain is always an integral part of physiotherapy, our mission extends far beyond that. We believe in uncovering and addressing the underlying factors that contribute to your pain, aiming to provide sustainable, long-term results.  

While our initial assessment and early treatment will lead to interventions that begin to relieve pain, our wider goal as physiotherapists is to find the offending structures (joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, etc.) that have led to the increased pain. If we look at low back pain as an example – instead of just thinking about how we numb the pain, we are more likely testing to see if muscles are tight, are they weak?, are the joints all moving properly? and can they sustain those movements with repetition or weight? How do the surrounding joints move? How about the hips? Finding the issues here will give us ammunition to reduce the pain AND resolve the underlying structures that caused the pain in the first place.  

Remember, relieving pain is important, but the critical step is to work on what caused that pain in the first place. Once the pain is gone, it’s time to get to work on strength, mobility, and stability in the affected area so that the pain stays gone and you’re not calling up your physiotherapist for the exact same issue every 6 to 12 months, year after year. 


Dynamic Health Physiotherapy embraces a multidisciplinary treatment philosophy that considers the importance of restoring and maintaining the body using the full range of modalities available. This can include manual therapy, therapeutic modalities (like TENS, dry needling, and cupping), education on injury prevention and self-management through exercise prescription. Each of these treatment options contributes to improving outcomes for our patients, helping to reduce pain and improve function, ultimately allowing us to focus on exercise prescription and movement practice. Exercise and movement are the key components for fully resolving the underlying issue AND maintaining a healthy state well into the future.  


To achieve optimal results with physio, commitment beyond pain relief and consistency with treatment are key. At Dynamic Health Physiotherapy, we emphasize the importance of regular treatment sessions, tailored to your specific needs. By sticking to the recommended treatment frequency, you will experience the compounding effect of progressive rehabilitation, enabling you to reach new levels of strength, mobility, and pain-free living. 


Dynamic Health Physiotherapy is focused on unlocking your true potential. Our philosophy on physiotherapy care goes beyond pain relief, aiming to optimize your physical function, enhance your overall well-being, and empower you to live an active life, doing the things you love. Embark on your transformative journey with us and experience the difference that physiotherapy care can make. Contact Dynamic Health Physiotherapy today and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. 

If you are experiencing pain, it is important to speak to your physiotherapist to find out what is causing your symptoms.  

We have free physiotherapy discovery visits, where you can speak to a member of our team, ask any questions that you have, and find out more about our specific approach to treatment.   

We can also help you understand how to get stronger and healthier than ever, so you are able to make the most of your day, stay active with friends and family rather than feeling stiff and sore, and even sleep better once the pain or stiffness isn’t waking you up in the night anymore.    

Alternatively, you can always call us at 506-404-1565 if you prefer to talk over the telephone.

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